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10 Medieval Dates You Need to Know

I have just finished a series of blog posts on key points in Welsh history. Normally I write about medieval times, and there’s a great post on the History Extra website that does the same for the medieval period. Here are the 10 dates that Ellie Cawthorne, the writer, picked as the most important:

1066: The battle of Hastings and the Norman conquest 

1085: The Domesday Book is completed

1095: The First Crusade is decreed

1170: Thomas Becket is murdered

1215: Magna Carta is signed

1314: The battle of Bannockburn

1348: The Black Death comes to Britain

1381: The Peasants’ Revolt

1415: Henry V defeats the French at Agincourt

1485: Richard III is defeated at the battle of Bosworth