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A Brief History of the Future

The Third Millennium and Human Colonisation of the Solar System by Charles Joynson


I’ve been writing about my science research for my science fiction writing. One of the books I bought was called, in full, A Brief History of the Future, the Third Millennium and Human Colonization of the Solar System: The Terraforming of Mars and Venus (HHcSS Book 1) by Charles Joynson.

A Brief History of the Future

The blurb says,
This is a history of the progress humans made in colonising the solar system between the years 2000 and 3067. It includes descriptions of how our ancestors terraformed Mars and Venus, how they gave these planets atmospheres and oceans, how they used life to make them habitable and how science changed both the people and their machines.

The author of this book has thought out in detail what developments will happen in the future, when and how. I am finding it fascinating and may share some of the predictions in the weeks to come. I’m astounded that he has worked out the timelines and the individual discoveries in such detail.

This is how the author describes himself on Amazon:

Charles Joynson is either:
A lost historian from the 31st century
A futurist maven
The pen name of a professor of astrophysics
An anti-extinction conservationist
You choose.

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