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This is a well paced, imaginative science fiction novel, the author brings it alive with a huge cast of characters. It moves at a cracking pace, piling incident on incident and kept my attention for several hours I was so keen to finish it

Maggie Cainen, Swansea Wales

Tabitha Enns is given work experience on board the Kestrel, on the adventure of her life, that will push her to the limit. Tabitha gets to meet her first aliens, but it doesn’t go smoothly, and being out in space isn’t what she expected.

About the Book

When a hostile alien species are discovered, the Kestrel is sent to make contact, leading the crew – and Tabitha – into danger, and the crew have problems with their friends as well as their enemies.

Why did a dying man say, ‘butterfly’? Who exactly is the mysterious injured woman, and what is her connection to the hostile aliens threatening not only the Kestrel’s crew but the entire galaxy?