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Breaking News – See the Kestrel!

I’m interrupting the blogging of Intruders to share some exciting news. I finally have a picture of the Kestrel! But I’ve promised the crew members they will see it first – so sign up now!

What does the Kestrel really look like?

I’ve tried so many ways to get an artist to realise my vision of the Kestrel, and very few produced anything at all, and those that did, drew their own ideas, not mine. 
Note to artists: pay attention to the brief.
Note to authors: make sure your brief is detailed.

Thanks to my son Vince, I finally found an artist who drew what I imagined, and more. I’m so excited! The next stage is to create the cover for Intruders, which I already have in mind. That will be revealed to crew members first too, so another reason to sign up. My newsletter only goes out about once a month, and includes information about all areas of my writing, and when you sign up you get 4 free gifts, one for each area, so quite a bonus.

Join the crew, we would love to have you, but you’ve only got a week before the exclusive reveal!