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End of Writing Tips



I’ve been posting writing tips on my blog for a long time, for two reasons. Firstly, I am learning the art and craft of writing and it seemed a good idea to share what I was learning as part of my writer’s journey. Secondly I hoped I could help other aspiring writers. But what starts as a good idea can become a drudge if you’re not careful.

I now have four history books, a poetry collection and a science fiction novel, all of which need promoting if they’re going to find readers. I’m writing the next novel in the science fiction series, and there are already two more outlined. And I have a life to live! Something’s gotta give.

So I won’t be posting any more writing posts, to save some time and effort, but there are plenty there already if you need any help. Unfortunately they’re not in any order, but just search for the writing category and you’ll find them all.

There are two series: Writing Layers, which starts with an introduction and a link to all the following posts, and 11 Things I Learned in Malta About Writing, which ends with a roundup and a link to all the posts.

C S Lakin Live Write Thrive

There are plenty of good websites with tips on writing and publishing. I can recommend C S Lakin’s Live Write Thrive and Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn and the AutoCrit blog is good too. You can subscribe to all these and get new posts emailed to you.

My writing journey continues and I will occasionally share news, and I wish you well on yours.

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