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Flight of the Kestrel Major Change

Kestrel on stars upper
The Flight of the Kestrel series consists of four novels so far. The first, Intruders, is published. The second, Alien Secrets, is almost ready to publish. The other two are outlined but barely started. While I do the final polishing on Alien Secrets I have started work on the third book, Planetfall, but I have just changed my mind. I surprised myself!

You see, in the middle of Alien Secrets the Kestrel meets smugglers who take one of the crew hostage. Captain Joseph Darrow vows revenge on them. There is also the mystery of why the smugglers’ ship is invisible to scanners. The mystery is not solved in the book, nor does Darrow get his revenge. That happens in what was going to be book 4.

As I polished that section of book 2 I decided book 4 was too long to wait. I have already started work on book 3, but it won’t be wasted, I’ll get back to it later. Book 4 is also about smugglers taking hostages from the Kestrel crew, but it is the basis for the whole novel, not a little scene. I suddenly realised that this fits with book 2 and provides the resolution readers are looking for. 

So I have to get Planetfall out of my mind, and start thinking about book 4. It’s called Crisis of Conscience, but I’m not sure that title will stick. So you have Alien Secrets to look forward to, and Crisis of Conscience after that!

[If you missed book 1 Intruders, you can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Scribd and Smashwords.]
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