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History Illustration: Alina’s Ghost

The ghost who haunts Oystermouth Castle

The last illustration in the book Alina, The White Lady of Oystermouth was not one I requested from my talented art student (now qualified). She was inspired by the story and produced this drawing of Alina’s Ghost:

Drawing of Alina's Ghost

When the barons’ rebellion failed, Alina’s husband John de Mowbray was executed and Alina and her son were imprisoned in the Tower of London. They had a rough time of it. Queen Isabella raised an army abroad and arrived in England to attack the King. Eventually, having lost every battle, King Edward II was persuaded to abdicate in favour of his son, who became Edward III.

The new King pardoned the remaining rebels, released Alina and her son and gave her back the Lordship of Gower. She married a man she met in the Tower and lived in Oystermouth Castle. She had four more children, but unfortunately didn’t live long.

Oystermouth Castle

Alina’s ghost is said to haunt the castle to this day. She is known as the white lady of Oystermouth.

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