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History Illustrations: Llywelyn the Great and Magna Carta

Two illustrations in one post

Llywelyn the Great
I have been working my way through the lovely illustrations in my history books in the hope of sparking your interest to go and buy the book. We’re in Broken Reed: The Lords of Gower and King John and the next illustration is Llywelyn the Great. I have written about him before:
Llywelyn the Great is an extract from Highlights of Welsh History by Phil Carradine which summarises his life very well. Surprisingly he married the illegitimate daughter of King John, Joan, known as Siwan in Wales.
Llywelyn the Great and the Scandalous Affair is the story of what happened when William de Braose visited Llywelyn to negotiate a marriage between William’s daughter Isabel and Llywelyn’s son Dafydd.
Magna Carta illustration
The following illustration is Magna Carta, about which I wrote a whole book: The Magna Carta Story: The Layman’s Guide to the Great Charter. The story in Broken Reed is about King John’s treatment of the Lord of Gower, which led to the Magna Carta. After making him a close confidante and giving him gifts, lands and honours, John was suspicious of his loyalty and treated him and his family abominably. This was the final straw that caused the barons to rebel and finally to present John with the Magna Carta.

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