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History Illustrations: Revival

A dead man comes back to life

This is the crucial point in the story of the Swansea Miracle: the revival of a dead man.

Swansea Miracle chapter 3So Crach was laid in the hallway of Thomas Mathew’s house and was quite the spectacle. Many of the townsfolk came to see him. Around midnight Crach started breathing and moved his leg. Revival! The astounded people carried him up to bed.

Over time his eyeballs drew back into their sockets and his tongue shrank back into his mouth, but he was unable to speak and could barely swallow. Lady Mary made almond broth which was fed to him every day. On the fourth day William junior, the son of the Lord of Gower, went to see for himself and testified to the difference between how Crach looked when he was dead and after his revival..

After about ten days he was able to stand and to speak. He was summoned to appear before the Lord and Lady of Gower in Swansea Castle to determine his fate. He was afraid he would be hanged again. Although those who survived were usually pardoned, it was not unknown for them to be hanged again, and Lord William had great enmity towards him.    Lord William decided, maybe influenced by his wife, not to go against God’s wishes since He had decided to spare him.

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