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History Illustrations: The Magna Carta Story

Some new, some old

By the time I got to my third history book, The Magna Carta Story, I was able to reuse a lot of illustrations from previous books, especially Broken Reed, which covers some of the same material. I wrote The Magna Carta Story to coincide with the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta in June 2015.

Some of the illustrations were from Wikimedia, rather than my artist.

King John and Magna CartaHere is an illustration of King John signing Magna Carta. As I explain in the book, the illustration is wrong: King John didn’t sign Magna Carta, he sealed it. It’s possible he may not have been able to write. Kings had scribes for that.

Pope Innocenzo IIIHere is Pope Innocenzo III, who is the one who fell out with King John, but who also declared Magna Carta null and void only six weeks after it was sealed!

Magna CartaAnd here is one of the existing copies of Magna Carta itself, of which there are four. As soon as it was agreed, copies were made and rushed to every corner of the country.

Henry IIILast of all, here is an artist’s impression of Henry III, John’s son, who came to the throne at the age of nine.

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