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History Illustrations: Thomas de Cantilupe

Bishop of Hereford, miracle worker

Swansea Miracle Chapter 6: Thomas de Cantilupe

Thomas de Cantilupe


Thomas de Cantilupe was a significant figure of his time. He was noble born in Buckinghamshire, England about 1218. He spent many years in France and was ordained a priest in Lyons about 1245. This is not surprising since the nobility in England were still Norman and spoke French.    He continued to study, in Orleans and Paris, and rose to a teaching position, teaching canon law first in Paris and then in Oxford, England. In 1262 he became Chancellor of Oxford University…

Thomas de Cantilupe was known for his ascetic life, strict discipline, and martial spirit, and when he came to Hereford he was appalled to find it in a state of deterioration. He set about restoring and reforming it, and came to the attention of King Edward I of England, who appointed him as his advisor…

After Thomas de Cantilupe was buried in the cathedral of Hereford, a wave of miracles were reported, such as healing of the blind and lame, and his fame spread out from Hereford. So by 1290 when Lady Mary appealed to him for William Crach, he was already famous.

So what did Lady Mary pray for, and what happened? You’ll have to read the book!

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