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History Price Crash Promotion for Christmas and New Year

This post has been held back so I could share some great news with you. [Fanfare!] I have decided to crash the prices of all my history books for Christmas and New Year AND there is a new FREE book as an introduction to my other books! I’ve just finished changing all my prices and uploading my new book, and although it’s eleven o’clock at night, I couldn’t wait to tell you all. Here are the details. Price changes last from 8 December to 8 January.

4 covers

On Amazon, I have lowered the prices of my ebooks AND print books to the minimum Amazon will allow.


This means that the ebooks will be 0.99 Pounds, Euros, and every kind of Dollar, 1.99 Real for Brazil, 49 Rupees for India, 99 Yen for Japan, and 11.99 Pesos for Mexico. At Smashwords the prices are the same as Amazon, and Smashwords distribute to Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple and lots of other sellers. So you can find whatever format you need there.

Print Books

The Magna Carta Story is also printed by Amazon, and the lowest prices they will allow are $5.49, £3.49, 3.49 Euros and 667 Yen. Amazon allows me to sell my own print copies of Alina, The White Lady of Oystermouth and Broken Reed: The Lords of Gower and King John (but not the other two for some strange reason) and I have reduced them to 1.99 plus the standard 2.80 postage.

The print books are all available from me (postage free in the UK) for £2.99. They make great presents as they fit in an A5 envelope and post for standard 2nd class postage.

Sorry it’s so complicated, but I’ve done my best to reduce my prices to the lowest ever!

New Book
Conquest cover 3
The new book is called The Conquest of Wales. In 1066 William of Normandy won the Battle of Hastings, but Wales wasn’t conquered for over two hundred years. The Welsh princes were a thorn in the side of the English kings until Edward I, building castles and roads as he went, finally conquered Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, the last Prince of Wales.

Told in my usual storytelling style with lots of illustrations, to make history you’ll enjoy reading. This little book is a sample of my style and an introduction to my other history books. Why not join my mailing list and I’ll be sending my fans a copy in the next week or two.

The best news is it will be FREE! Amazon don’t allow free books but if you can prove it’s free elsewhere they will price match. So at the moment it’s 0.99 but as soon as Smashwords send it out to their distributors I’ll send the link to Amazon and they’ll make it free too. Don’t hold your breath, but in the mean time get it from Smashwords.

Don’t go rushing off to get The Conquest of Wales, it has literally just been uploaded, so it might take a day or two to appear, but I couldn’t wait to tell you all.

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