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Kestrel Crew: James Tomos, Medic and Engineer

Human Spacer, born and raised in space

At the end of the first Kestrel story, Intruders, the paramedic Sam Ryan leaves to continue his training, and in Alien Secrets James Tomos comes to replace him. He looks like a young Ron Howard. Tomos is a human Spacer, born and raised in space on his parents’ cargo ship. Consequently, although young, he knows a lot about most ship’s systems, and has met many alien races, but he is not arrogant about his knowledge and is always ready to help. He also covers as navigator and assistant engineer when needed.

Tall and slim, with sandy hair, James Tomos is proud of his Welsh heritage from Earth. He appears to be quite shy and reserved, but this is a natural result of life on a ship, where privacy is difficult. He shares a cabin with Roy Stubbs, the assistant engineer, and they get on well together, once Stubbs realises that he is not showing off, but sharing his knowledge and trying to help. When John Tanner joins the crew he shares a cabin with Tomos instead of Stubbs.

In Crisis of Conscience James Tomos plays an important part in Engineering after Engineer Blackwell is shot and also has to cope with the annoying temporary replacement Engineer Vincent Peters.

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