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Well, the new book is on the way. The manuscript has been formatted for print, a quote agreed with the printer, and the file and the cover sent off. I should have actual printed copies in my hands this week. I decided not to go with Create Space online as it’s too expensive for short books.

The ebook version has been formatted and submitted to Kindle, with the cover and the categories and everything else you need to fill in. I’m waiting for an email from Kindle to say it has been successfully converted, or that there are issues that need fixing. When I tried converting it with a free online converter, all the images came out in the wrong place and some of my paragraphs were split in half. I just hope Amazon does a better job.

I plucked up courage and asked lots of people to read it and leave honest reviews on Amazon on release day, and was delighted with the response. I just hope they like it and do actually leave reviews. They say you should three times as many people as you want reviews.

I’m hoping to have a ‘real world’ book launch the last week in October. I will be finalising the date with the venue this week. Then it will be spreading the word everywhere I can. The advance readers who live locally I hope will spread the word, and my church, the Writers Circle and the Poetry evening I go to.

In the mean time, I have the online work to prepare and work out what promotions to run. It will probably be free or 99p/99c for the first few days after it comes out. I’m aiming for 23 October, so wish me well.


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