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New Facebook Page: Ann Marie Thomas, Author

Goodbye separate history and science fiction pages

I’ve been reviewing and tweaking every part of my business over the last eighteen months, which you will have seen if you follow me. But the attention to detail made it hard to see the big picture. So I contacted Shamaine Robinson for some professional advice, and she gave me a lot to think about. I will certainly be using her services again.

Shamaine Robinson website headerThe first and biggest change is to Facebook. When I started I was writing history so I created a page called Alina, The White Lady of Oystermouth, named after my first book, which I have continued to use for all my history news. When I started writing science fiction it made sense to create another page, Flight of the Kestrel, named after my series. But I’ve found it cumbersome running two pages, and when I wanted to connect with people as a writer, which page should I send them to?

Ann Marie Thomas brand imageShamaine spotted this straight away and gave me some good advice. My new Facebook page is called (unsurprisingly) Ann Marie Thomas, Author. I have pinned posts to the top of my other pages to refer visitors to the new page, and invited everyone to visit, and business friends to follow me there instead of my personal page.

Shamaine suggested that I tackle one subject each week, which sounded good, but I also post On This Day #OTD items, which obviously occur all through the month. I have solved the problem by using emojis at the start of every post to indicate which category it is about. Science fiction posts will have a rocket, history a crown, my other genres a book, and general news either no emoji or a pen. I’m quite pleased with myself.

So please come and visit my new Facebook page and Like or Follow, and we can have adventures together!

Head shot Ann Marie ThomasAnn Marie Thomas is the author of four medieval history books, a surprisingly cheerful poetry collection about her 2010 stroke, and the science fiction series Flight of the Kestrel. Intruders, Alien Secrets, and Crisis of Conscience are out now. Follow her at


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