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Oxwich Castle



Oxwich Castle is not actually a castle and was not built at the same time as most of the castles in Wales. There may have been an earlier stronghold, but the current building is actually a Tudor house, built around a courtyard.


It does have a very impressive mock-military gateway with the Mansel family’s coat of arms carved in stone. It stands on a wooded headland above Oxwich Bay, in the beautiful Gower peninsular.


Sir Rice Mansel built the house, but it was greatly extended by his son Edward, over about 60 years in the 16th century. The Mansels were minor gentry who gained power and prestige under the Tudor monarchs.

The house had a two-storey hall with a long gallery above, which must have been elegant and impressive. There are three towers at the rear which provided lots of accommodation, though it would have been cramped.

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In 1949, having fallen into disrepair, it was rescued from demolition, and is now maintained by Cadw, the Welsh Historic Monuments organisation. It is open to the public from April to October, 10.00 to 17.00, for only £3 entrance fee.