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Swansea Miracle Cover Reveal

Finally the cover is ready, wait until you see it

My new history book Swansea Miracle finally has a cover! It fits in with the style of the others but this time the background colour is purple, as befits such a macabre subject.

Swansea Miracle cover

The blurb on the back cover says:

It was a cold, crisp November morning on Gallows Hill above Swansea Castle. The two convicted men shivered in their thin shirts waiting for the hanging. But this was to be a hanging like no other before or since. One of the men wouldn’t stay dead.

Unfortunately the cover and illustrations for Swansea Miracle came too late for publication in December, but it will definitely be out in January. Watch for the announcements.

Once again each chapter has a beautiful line drawing illustration, by the same talented artist who did my early books, Campion Art, which is Carrie Francis. She has done a great job, coming up with sketches I would never have thought of. I’ll be showcasing the illustrations month by month here on the blog.

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