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The Auriga Project & The Alien Element by M G Herron

The two books I’m recommending this week are the beginning of the Translocator Trilogy. So far, there isn’t a book three, but you can enjoy books 1 & 2 and then wait, like me.

The Auriga Project
The Auriga Project
Transported light years in a heartbeat

Ripped from Earth in a horrifying teleportation accident, archaeologist Eliana Fisk finds herself stranded on a strange planet whose denizens want her as a human sacrifice.

Can she stay out from under the knife long enough to find her way home? Or will the desperate natives and their bloodthirsty gods get to her first?

The Auriga Project is a fast-paced science fiction thriller with an edge of the fantastic. It’s a harrowing tale of survival against all odds, and the gateway to an ancient alien mystery.

My review:
Very interesting idea, mixing science fiction technology with an ancient Mayan civilisation. The story works on both sides and draws the characters vividly. The technology is explained in enough detail to be convincing without blinding the reader with science and the same goes for the Mayan language. I found the plot gripping and couldn’t put it down. I immediately bought book two. Highly recommended.

The Alien Element
The Alien Element
The question of how a tribe of ancient Mayans ended up living on a distant planet continues to haunt archaeologist Eliana Fisk, but Amon won’t let her anywhere near the Translocator after what happened last time.

Since a return journey is impossible, she does what archaeologists were born to do, and searches for clues among Mayan ruins on Earth.

What she discovers in the jungle will reveal a mystery far older than she thought possible, with roots winding back through through the centuries … and eventually lead her to an primeval well of power that threatens the safety of both worlds.

The Alien Element is a fast-paced science fiction thriller with an edge of the fantastic–a treacherous quest for answers that becomes a harrowing battle against an ancient adversary beyond imagining.

My review:
More scifi goings-on alongside an ancient Mayan civilisation, both equally well drawn. I loved the first book so much I immediately bought the second, and it didn’t disappoint. Now I’m waiting for the next one. Highly recommended, but read book 1 first to really enjoy it.

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