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Crisis of Conscience Cover Reveal

Publication comes closer

Great news! The cover for the next Flight of the Kestrel book, Crisis of Conscience can now be revealed.

Crisof Conscience coming soon book cover

I added the COMING SOON of course. It’s taken so long and been so difficult but it’s finally done. Thank you to David Collins of DCCoverCreations He has redone two of my history covers too.

The beta readers have done great work and I’m about half way through my final FINAL edit based on their comments. They have made some great points and picked up some things that I need to think about. One reader even marked individual words and phrases that needed work.

I’m actually seriously planning a publication date. Watch this space!

Here’s the Crisis of Conscience blurb:

Can Captain Joseph Darrow of the spaceship Kestrel commit theft and murder to save the lives of his crew? Is Second Officer Daniel Hoy right, that the ends justify the means? Are there some lines you must not cross?

Can they persuade the Zoan lizard woman Raven to tell them her father’s secret?

Newly qualified Ensign Tabitha Enns steps straight into peril. Can she prove her worth?