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Dolbadarn Castle and the artist William Turner

An interesting article appeared today on the North Wales News site about Dolbadarn Castle in North Wales. You can read it in full here I have written a lot about castles, particularly in south Wales and Gower, but this castle was the first Welsh castle to be built in stone, guarding the Llanberis Pass.

Dolbadarn Castle and Lynn Padarn (North Wales Live)

It was built 800 years ago by Llywellyn Fawr (Llywellyn the Great) who was King of Gwynedd and controlled most of Wales for 45 years.

Dolbadarn Castle by William Turner

It turns out that William Turner visited Llanberis in 1798 and 1799 and made several paintings of the area, many with Dolbadarn Castle in. I recommend you click the link above to read the article in full.


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