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Kestrel Crew Summary

List of crew members during book 1 Intruders

The past few weeks I have introduced you to the members of the Kestrel crew. Unlike in many spaceship stories, the crew is subject to change. Some members leave and new ones come, even during the novel. So I can’t just give you a crew list, it depends where in the story you are!

At the beginning of Intruders we find that the Kestrel is two crewmen short, and with no replacements available, the captain takes on a Trainee. To further complicate things, the Trainee is a girl, whereas the rest of the crew are men.

By the time Kestrel is sent on the crucial mission at the heart of the novel, another crewman is injured and one promoted. So there are two temporary new crew found and one of the original crew returns! It all adds spice to the story. So, with the above provisos, here is the crew list:

You can get more information (and ideas of what they look like) by following the links, if you haven’t read them in previous weeks. What are they like? What do they do? You’ll have to wait for the book!