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Swansea Miracle Launch

Pick up your copy from Thursday

It was a cold, crisp November morning on Gallows Hill above Swansea Castle. The two convicted men shivered in their thin shirts waiting for the hanging. But this was to be a hanging like no other before or since. One of the men wouldn’t stay dead.

Swansea Miracle coverYes, the story of theĀ Swansea Miracle is finally here! It launches on Thursday this week, 27 January 2022. The ebook is available for preorder and the print book is available now. I’m so excited and relieved, because there were one or two points when I thought it would never be ready.

The bestselling historical novelist Catrin Collier read it and sent me this endorsement:

“Welsh history is peppered with forgotten events. Swansea Miracle is a gem, a small slice of Swansea history brought beautifully to life and an audience again courtesy of the expert pen of Ann Marie Thomas.”

I was so delighted, I put it on the cover. You can find my web page about the book here.

If you have enjoyed my previous history books, you will love this one, even if it is a bit gruesome (you can skip over the description of the hanged man). And if you haven’t read any others, why not start here? Accurate history told in a storytelling style, with beautiful line drawings at the start of each chapter. What’s not to like?

Ann Marie Thomas authorAnn Marie Thomas is the author of five medieval history books, a surprisingly cheerful poetry collection about her 2010 stroke, and the science fiction series Flight of the Kestrel. Intruders, Alien Secrets, and Crisis of Conscience are out now. Follow her at