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Announcing Swansea Miracle

Not now, in the 13th century

You may have picked up that there is a new history book in the offing, but I haven’t actually announced it. It will be called Swansea Miracle, and work is already underway. After a long time saying I couldn’t think of anything else to write, I suddenly had an idea. So what’s it about?

It’s about a miracle that happened in Swansea of course! No, seriously, it really happened. A Welsh rebel was hanged by the Norman Lord of Gower and declared dead. A few hours later he revived! The Lady of Gower had prayed for him to the deceased Bishop of Hereford, Thomas de Cantilupe. When the man recovered he appeared before the Lord and Lady in Swansea Castle, afraid they might want to see the job finished. They decided that if God decided to spare him, they shouldn’t disagree.

Thomas de Cantilupe tombWhat they did do was take him to Hereford Cathedral to give thanks at the tomb of Thomas de Cantilupe, and because he was a peasant, he had to walk. It took three days. At Hereford the story was added to a collection of miracles brought about through Thomas de Cantilupe. Eventually the Pope was persuaded to launch an investigation.

I say eventually because the investigation was eighteen years after the event. The wonderful thing is that the witnesses’ statements were all written down in a book which still exists in the Vatican Library today. So you would think I can tell you the story accurately. The trouble is, the witnesses don’t all agree on the details!

Thomas de Cantilupe sealThomas de Cantilupe was eventually canonised, but you’ll have to wait for the book to find out the details.

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