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Building a Castle Roundup

All my posts on building castles in one place

Not long ago I finished a long series of posts about building a castle. It is a subject I find fascinating and I thought you would too. I’m lucky that I live on the edge of Gower in Wales, which has loads of castles, so there’s lots to visit right on my doorstep.

Building a Castle https//
The Master Mason https//
The Evolution of a Castle https//
Outer Fortifications https//
Ditches, Moats and Tunnels https//
Stone https//
Gatehouses https//
Mortar https//
Defensive Towers https//
Defences https//
The Curtain Wall https//
Curtain Wall Defences https//
Concentric Castles https//
The Bailey https//
Gu├ędelon Castle https//
The Shell Keep https//
Tower Keeps https//
Blacksmiths https//
Rib Vaults https//
Private Rooms and Guest Accommodation https//
Domestic Comforts https//
Timber and Tiled Roofs https//
The Great Hall https//
Hearths and Tiles https//
Flooring https//
Chapels and Vaulted Ceilings https//
Castle and Village https//
Food Supply https//
The Kitchen https//
Meals https//

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