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History Blog Map

Here's an overview of my history blog posts

I’ve finished my latest theme of history blog posts and thought it would be helpful to give an overview of posts so far. [Just a note: my early blog posts were imported from another, simpler, blog which recently was deleted. I wasn’t aware until now that the images were not imported, merely linked to the original blog. Since that has gone, these posts no longer have images. I plan to repair them but it’s a very big job! Enjoy the information for now.] There are random posts, but I like to use themes, so here they are:

William the ConquerorThe Fascinating Facts history blog posts are about each of the kings of England from William the Conqueror to Richard III.

The past and the future together

Swansea Castle with the BT Tower behind

The Castles history blog posts were about mostly the castles of Gower, the area my history books concentrate on, but also included posts like Why Visit a Castle? and How to visit a Castle.

Welsh BritonsThen I did a whole tour through the history of Wales, from The Welsh, the Original Britons to The Senedd, The National Assembly of Wales. There is also a Roundup and a Time Chart.

Gerald of WalesThen, in my history blog posts, we travelled round 12th century Wales with Gerald of Wales. In 1188, men everywhere were being encouraged to take the cross and join the great Crusade. Archbishop Baldwin, Archbishop of Canterbury, decided to visit the four corners of Wales, and he took Gerald with him. Gerald kept a detailed record.

The Medieval Castle Haynes manualNext, I got hold of an amazing book called The Medieval Castle Haynes Manual, which documented the building of Guedelon Castle in France in modern times, using original methods and materials. My history blog posts worked through this. This section has a Roundup post.

Drawing of Alina's GhostThe latest theme has been the wonderful art work in all my history books, and giving a taste of the story behind each illustration. I was hoping that readers would buy the books having had a few tasters. There is a Roundup for these too.

So, lots to be going on with. What shall I write about next?

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