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How to find your way around my scifi posts

I’ve been posting for a long time, about a lot of things, but by and large, Science Fiction and Gower Medieval History. A strange combination, I know, but that’s a story for elsewhere. I’ve come to a halt with my latest theme for science fiction and am looking for some new ideas. But I thought a blog map might be useful, an overview of the posts so far.

Kestrel spaceshipMy science fiction series is Flight of the Kestrel (at least some of which I hope you’ve read), so I posted about each of the Kestrel crew. This is different because the crew of the Kestrel changes over time, so the crew at the beginning of book 1 Intruders is not completely the same as each of the other books. In fact, it changes during book 1! I also did some roundup posts which have the links to the individual blog posts:

Crew Roundup 1, Crew Roundup 2, Crew Summary for Intruders, Aliens Roundup

A Brief History of the Future coverIf you sign up to my mailing list, you get a free book A Brief History of Science Fiction. It is very thorough, but brief. So I did a long series unpacking the history in detail. You can find them by searching on my blog page for History of Science Fiction. There is no roundup post but here are links to the first two:

What is Science Fiction? The Beginnings of Science Fiction 

brain implantsThe next theme I tackled was scientific research and predictions of what might be developed in the future. For each topic, I looked to see what was already real or in development. You can find most of them in the Blog category Research. A lot of the ideas came from a great book, A Brief History of the Future by Charles Joynson. Again, there is no roundup, but here is the first post and some highlights:

Launching, the hardest part of space travel
Mission to Mars
Climate Change and the First Great Walking
Alternatives to Plastic
Birthing Centres and Virtual Children
When Robots Exceed Humans

Since then I have posted about various things, and lately things related to my new book Planet Downfall. I hope you use my blog map to explore some posts you missed. So, what shall I write about next?

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